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Henry Ford Elementary school children are surrounded by the best of Silicon Valley innovation, opportunity and technology. Sadly, that innovation and technology stops at the edge of their school campus. Drastic shortfalls in school funding have left them with little. These strong, bright and resilient kids need your help to give them the opportunity to excel.

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Henry Ford’s hard working teachers spend much of their own salary for basic classroom supplies. And when the school ran out of lined paper last year, parents (most of whom already donate $250 per student each school year) literally ran out to local stores to buy more. The PTA (a parent volunteer group) stepped in to buy a laminator and fund P.E. classes that the school couldn’t afford. The weekly music class was cancelled because the district stopped paying. And when art classes and a reading resource program for struggling students was nearly cut, the PTA raised extra money to ensure it could still be funded.

Parents and school staff are doing all they can, just to give Henry Ford the basics of education. But to excel in a technology-driven world, these kids need your help.

Last year, Henry Ford absorbed 180 students from other Redwood City Schools that were forced to close due to budget constraints. Their already large class sizes got even larger and their strained resources aren’t even close to meeting the needs of students. Nearly half of Henry Ford students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, which indicates their families are already struggling just to live in Redwood City.

Now, students have huge 1:30 class sizes. With only one computer for every five students and fewer resources than ever, Henry Ford kids are paying the price for decisions they have no control over. Meanwhile state funding continues to decrease and local budgets face massive shortfalls.

We’re asking for your help to raise $60,000 that will allow Henry Ford to purchase 90 chromebooks, meaning each student will have access to a computer. It will also allow STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and math) programs to be fully funded, making “whole child” education a reality for these kids.

Let’s bring innovation and technology to Henry Ford and give these bright, resilient students the opportunity to be the leaders of tomorrow.