Henry Ford School: March 30 – April 3, 2020

This Week at Henry Ford Elementary

MONDAY, March 30

  • At-Home Learning 

TUESDAY, March 31

  • At-Home Learning


  • At-Home Learning

Thursday, April 2

  • At-Home Learning

FRIDAY, april 3

  • At-Home Learning

Homework Technology Support Wanted!

Do you have a used Chromebook you would be willing to donate to a family in need? No child should be doing their homework on a cellphone. Please contact the Henry Ford office if you are able to help.


 Spring Break 4/6-4/10


The Henry Ford PTA hopes this message finds our families well. We are all saddened by the announcement that school will not return this year as we miss the teachers, students and families.

This does mean that our wonderful Pasta Dinner event is canceled. But with our mighty Mustang spirit we will continue with an online auction. The online auction will be similar to what we’ve done every year except that everything will now be online. The committee has been working so hard since the beginning of the year on procuring generous donations of experiences and items. Stay tuned for more information to follow in the coming weeks.

The money raised throughout the school year goes to fund so many important essential programs and enrichment opportunities like PE, Intervention/Reading Specialists, Field Trips, Assemblies, Art in Action, Project Cornerstone, Makerspace and Classroom supplies.

We entered the school year uncertain about covering all of the school’s needs. But thanks to all the families for their participation in events, fundraisers, and direct donations, all school programs and activities have been fully funded. This plus the auction will tremendously help the PTA to continue funding school programs and help cover school needs in the future as we enter another uncertain year.

We are also going to hold a virtual PTA meeting in April. More details to come.

Wishing everyone is safe and healthy.
The Henry Ford PTA


Project Cornerstone Newsletter


Enemy Pie

By Derek Munson


This book focuses on building interpersonal relationships and the Social Competency asset category. It also shows how caring adults can help create opportunities for friendships to bloom, even when misconceptions, prejudice and fear are obstacles.

Asset Information:

This book builds assets from 7 of the 8 categories:

  • Support-#1 Family Support, #2 Positive Family Communication and #4 Caring Neighborhood

  • Boundaries and Expectations-#13 Neighborhood Boundaries, #14 Adult Role Models, #15 Positive Peer Influence

  • Positive Values-#26 Caring and #31 Healthy Lifestyles

  • Social Competencies-#32 Planning and Decision Making, #33 Interpersonal

    Competence and -#36 Peaceful Conflict Resolution

  • Positive Identity-#37 Personal Power

  • Empowerment-#10 Safety

  • Constructive Use of Time-#18 Youth Programs, #20 Time at Home

The goals for this lesson are for students to:

  • Understand that prejudice may cause one to have a perceived enemy.

  • Learn not to judge others.

  • Develop a growth mindset that embraces meeting new people and discovering new things about classmates and friends.

  • Expand friendship making skills to include overcoming self-imposed obstacles, like prejudice and stereotyping.

  • Be aware that friendships can bloom and wilt.

  • Understand who is in their online community and how to communicate safely with them.


At Home Maker Space

Check the PTA Facebook page during the closure for daily Family STEAM Activity posts.  Simple ideas to keep students engaged.  Feel free to share with friends and add more ideas!

At Home Kid Activities



The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020 (also known as the “split roll” initiative), will raise approximately $12 billion in annual funds for public education, local governments and community services by reassessing and taxing certain commercial properties at current market value. The initiative will appear on the November 2020 statewide ballot if it gets enough signatures to qualify by April 14.

We urge you to sign the petition, which you can do by clicking here. The campaign is also seeking volunteers to help collect signatures. Click here to volunteer.  


Click here to read more about the initiative on CAPTA’s website – you’ll find a summary of the initiative, a link to the full text, the fiscal impact report, and many more documents. Click here to read the press release.


PTA Donations

Our school relies on contributions from families like yours to pay for programs that enrich the learning experience for all Henry Ford Mustangs. Please consider a donation of  $250 or more, but any amount is gratefully accepted. 

For full contributions include your child’s name, room number, and preferred t-shirt size in the notes. Separate donations for each child please.

We also have a monthly installments program at


Amazon Smile

Are you an Amazon customer? You could support us in this NO-COST fundraiser just by doing your normal shopping! Learn how to get set up to shop on here:


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