3rd Grade & Beyond

We know many parents want to plan ahead for their student’s academic path in RCSD; and there are lots of questions once state testing begins in 3rd grade. We have many opportunities for you to learn more about upper grade instruction at Henry Ford Elementary.



Visit the classrooms, meet teachers, and see the latest student projects on display

  • Henry Ford Elementary classrooms – May 25, 2017 @ 6:00pm

3rd Grade & Beyond Night

What lies beyond 2nd grade? Most of our students thrive in 3rd-5th grade at Henry Ford Elementary before graduating to Kennedy Middle School; while some choose North Star Academy. Meet our teachers and learn more before deciding what’s right for your family. This event is open to PARENTS of pre-K to 2nd graders.

  • 2017 date & location TBD

Teacher Profiles

3rd Grade

Profile coming soon!

4th Grade

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5th Grade

We are the 5th grade team at Henry Ford.  We have worked together as 5th grade teachers since 2000. Our job is made so much easier because of the efforts of our strong, cohesive staff  who has prepared our students for 5th grade.

Nancy Julien

Angie Teupel

5th grade at Henry Ford is a rich experience for all of our children.  We provide many hands on experiences including a 10 day workshop with TheatreWorks and their  “Playing with Science” program, Outdoor Ed (a 5-day overnight science camp), Art in Action, and Music for Minors.  Our field trips include attending a professional play followed by a meet & greet with the actors , tidepools, and STEM at Levi Stadium. Henry Ford provides many opportunities for 5th graders to become members of our caring school community in leadership roles through Conflict Managers, Recycling Coordinators, Pasta Pals, Project Cornerstone, and Reading Buddies with lower grades.  We are excited to partner with the NFL Alumni organization (Drug Awareness program) and Recology.  We provide rigorous academic instruction using Engage NY curriculum for Mathematics, Foss Science, district-adopted materials for Language Arts, and provide extensive enrichment in reading through rich literature studies.  We are well known throughout the district for high test scores and successfully preparing our 5th graders for Middle School and beyond.

Gifted & Talented

Many Henry Ford Mustangs participate (and carpool together!) in Redwood City’s Gifted and Talented program GATE. Please speak with your teachers on whether testing might benefit your child.  http://www.rcsdk8.net/Page/5467