Henry Ford School Bell Schedule

The Henry Ford Elementary School Bell Schedule is based on times and durations shown to be developmentally appropriate for each age.

School Start

Punctuality is important for success! Please be respectful to your student, your teacher, and your classmates and be on time. Your child will appreciate entering the class in a calm, prepared state. The Henry Ford school bell rings at 8:12 am so that instruction can begin at 8:15. Be lined up and ready to go for every exciting school day before the bell.


We depend on your student’s timeliness and participation every day in class roll call for California Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding. It’s preferable that you schedule any necessary appointments after school or during recess/lunch. If your child absolutely must miss classroom instruction for medical or personal reasons, please try to have him/her available for attendance in the morning before signing out.

Minimum Days

Students in 1st-5th grades have early release at 1:20pm every Thursday. Kindergarteners have early release at 1:30pm every Thursday during second semester.

Bell Schedule

Kindergarten: Monday-Friday; early release at 1:05pm every Thursday
Grades 1-5: Monday-Wednesday & Friday; early release at 1:30pm every Thursday
All Grades: Super Minimum Day* release at 12pm

Grade Start (Bell Ring) Recess Lunch Dismissal
(1st / 2nd Semester)
Kinder 8:12 9:45-10:00 11:30-12:00 1:05 / 1:35
1st & 2nd 8:12 9:55-10:10 12:10-12:50 2:30
3rd 8:12 10:15-10:30 12:10-12:50 2:30
4th & 5th 8:12 10:35-10:55 12:35-1:15 2:45

*Super Minimum Days:

  • Thursday, October 3
  • Friday, December 19
  • Thursday, February 6
  • Friday, April 3
  • Thursday, April 23
  • Thursday June 5

Updated 08/18/19. Check official school schedule for updates.