Project Cornerstone: The Recess Queen

In this month’s ABC book, “Recess Queen” by Alexis O’Neill , Mean Jean the “recess queen” rules the playground with an iron fist. No one dares cross her path for fear of being hit, punched, or kicked. One day, a new girl shows up on the playground and catches Mean Jean completely off guard. Katie Sue is not the least bit intimidated by Mean Jean. Katie Sue actually invites Jean to join in a jump rope game! In no time, Jean and Katie Sue become friends.

Goals of lesson:

  1. Empower students to use their skills as UPstanders to create a safe and caring climate on the school playground.
  2. Practice using conflict resolution skills.
  3. Use the ABC student toolbox of techniques practiced all year in our ABC Lessons.
  4. Demonstrate a connection between student’s online and face to face community.

As a caring adult, here are steps you can use to help youth in emotionally charged conflicts:

  •   Help them identify the conflict.
  •   Without interruption, have each person describe briefly what happened.
  •   Use empathetic listening. No judging, just listening.
  •   Have each of the involved persons name how they feel with an “I statement”:

A. I feel ______ when ______because ______.

B. I feel ______ when ______because ______.

  •   Help children repeat and refine their statements until tension from the misunderstanding or conflict subsides.
  •   Celebrate the successful resolution of conflicts and acknowledge the compromise each person made so that the solution would work!
  • When you “catch” kids modeling positive behaviors… Notice, Name it, and Celebrate it!

How have you & your child connected with this book? Comment below!

Project Cornerstone

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