Participation at our school is strongly encouraged but 100% voluntary; no contracts or tracking hours or buying credits. We welcome everyone to just pitch in however they’re able. If you don’t see anything that fits your schedule or skills, reach out to a PTA leader and s/he will be happy to work with you.

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STEM/STEAM Makerspace Donations!

Event Chair: Becky Foutch


help henry ford get our dedicated makerspace up and running!

The MAKERSPACE is officially open and the results are fantastic!  We hope you can stop by!  We have amended our donations list to just a few items that we'd love more of.  Please email with any questions! 

You can see how SIMPLE our materials needs are so get creative! This might be a good time to raid the garage, thrift stores and office supply closets at work -- or even ask your employer to donate!  Amazon has the best prices for most items listed. Cash donations welcome to purchase supplies.

We are also listing volunteer opportunities for Supervising the Drop-in Lunch Club.  No experience necessary - just a fun and quick time to watch the kids do their thing.  Fingerprinting is required!

Thanks for your support!

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable SpotsItem DetailsItem Qty
Volunteer 1x per Month: Lunchtime Maker Club 12:30 pm 1:15 pm#1: Lisa M.Thursday’s 4
#5: Joanne H.Fridays 8
#13: Jen C.Wednesday1
7 remaining:  
Misc Tape: BLUE Painters Tape, Duct, Scotch, Craft, Washi N/A N/A5 remaining:  
$35.00 Twisteez Craft Sculpture Wire, 30 Inches, Assorted Color, Pack of 200 N/A N/A3 remaining:  
Remnants - Fabric, yarn, ribbon, Velcro etc N/A N/A20 remaining:  
Coin Batteries 3V 4 pack (AmVolt) N/A N/A25 remaining:  
Assorted Paper: Construction, Origami, Scrap N/A N/A25 remaining:  
Dried beans, pasta, popcorn N/A N/A1 remaining:  
Paper Towel and TP tubes or cardboard tubes of any size. N/A N/A#1: Clarissa H.1
Small household appliances to take apart (CD ROMS, hair dryers, keyboards, mice, phones, calculators, toys, digital clocks etc) N/A N/A1 remaining:  
Scotch Tape DISPENSERS N/A N/A3 remaining:  
Storage bins - all sizes N/A N/A10 remaining:  
OTHER N/A N/A25 remaining:  
WISH LIST: 3D Printer + filament N/A N/A1 remaining:  
WISH LIST: Used tablets, laptops N/A N/A2 remaining:  

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Open PTA Positions

We have open positions for 2018-19! Please reach out if interested officers@henryfordpta.org

  • Hometown Holidays Parade Coordinator
  • Family Dance Chair

New officers, committee chairs, and team leads should email admin@henryfordpta.org for resource access


Show your children that you care about their education by making the time to help their school. We have tasks suited to campus or home, days/evenings/weekends. There are many ways to help and even one hour makes a difference.

Network with other parents by working and having fun alongside them. You just might meet your new best friend, a carpool partner, or the lead on a new job. Join us!

Make a difference fundraising, helping in the classrooms, and engaging the community. Parents like you make these programs possible.

Many hands make light work. – John Heywood

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