Signup Sheets

Last copied from developer documentation on 04/20/17

Adding a new Sign-up Sheet

From the admin dashboard, you can create a new sign-up sheet with the “Add New” submenu page under Sign-Up sheets, or by clicking on the “Add New” button at the top of the “All Sheets” list.

The forms for entering a new sign-up sheet are split across 2 pages, the first being for the main event type and details, and the second is where you set up all the items/tasks needed.  Once a sheet has been saved, there will be an “Edit Sheet” and an “Edit Tasks” link for each sheet when you hover over the name.

Add/Edit Sheet

This is the page where you set up the Event Title, Type of Event, Contact Info, and the Event Details.  You can only select the Event Type when adding a new sheet.  Once that sheet has been saved, you can’t change its event type as the task data is saved differently for each type of event and would not translate properly to a different event type.

Most of the fields here should be self explanatory.

No Signup Event? Checking this box lets you create an event that doesn’t need anyone to sign up, but still lets you create simple tasks/items. This is so you can show other types of events, which don’t require volunteers, in the main sheet list, the widget, or the calendar extension.

Reminders:  You can have up to two automatic email reminders sent out to volunteers.  To set up a reminder, simply enter the number of days before the task/event date that you want the email sent.  For example, you may want to send out the first set of reminders 7 days before an event/task, and the second set of reminders the day before.  If you don’t want any reminders sent, just leave these fields blank or set them to 0.  Note that the date that the reminder function checks against is the date for each task, so it works properly for recurring events or multi-day events.  If you use an Ongoing even type, these fields won’t have any effect and reminders won’t be sent.

Show Clear links for signups? This is checked by default to be compatible with older versions. Un-checking this will remove the clear links from the public side, so that volunteers (if they were logged in when they signed up) can not clear their own sign-ups.

Clear links and # of days: Added in version 1.8, you can now decide if you want to allow volunteers to be able to clear themselves from an item/task they signed up for. Uncheck the box to completely disable the clear links for all signups on the sheet. If you leave it checked, you can also specify a # of days before the event after which they can no longer clear their signups.  For example, if you set this to 2 for a task/item scheduled for a Friday, then they can only clear their signups before Wednesday. From Wednesday on the clear link will not be shown. Please note that this only works if your volunteers all have user accounts on your site and if they were logged into their account when they signed up, or, if they weren’t logged in, they used their registered email.  They only see the list of items they have signed up for on the main sign-up sheet page if they are logged into their user account.

Allow Duplicate Signup Times? Allows volunteers to sign-up for different tasks (on the same sheet) that have overlapping times.

Contact Info: Contact info is required.  If you don’t have the PTA Member Directory plugin and the integration enabled, then you must enter at least one name and email for the contact info. Multiple names and emails can be entered by separating each by a comma.  If you do have the Member Directory plugin and integration is enabled, then you will see a select box with Positions from the Member Directory as choices.  You may then select one of those Positions to act as the contact for the sheet/event.  If the public clicks on the contact link on the sign-up sheet page for that event, they will be taken to the contact form with that position pre-selected as the recipient group.  That contact message will be sent to all members who hold that position.  Alternately, instead of selecting a position (in case you chose not to show positions in your contact form, for example, or you don’t want to use them as contacts), you can still enter names and emails in the boxes provide.  NOTE, you are not allowed to do both — i.e., you can’t select a Position and also enter names/emails.

Program/Event Details: Although this field is optional, it is probably the best place to put all your detailed info about an event that you want to present on a sign-up page.  This will then be generated by the shortcode when a volunteer clicks through to this specific sign-up page. This way you can just have one page for ALL of your volunteer events that you put the main shortcode on.  That will show a list of all available volunteer opportunities, and when they click through to one of the sheets/events they can see full details as well as a listing of all the tasks that they can sign up for.

Add/Edit Tasks/Items

The page to add or edit tasks/items should also be mostly self-explanatory, but a few things will change depending on the type of event selected.

For Single and Recurring event types, the first field on the page will be for date/dates. For Single events, you may select only one date with the pop-up date picker.  For Recurring events, you can select many dates, but you MUST select at least 2 dates (otherwise, it’s really a single event).  You can then add/remove and sort taks/items as needed.

The only required fields for Tasks/Items is a name and # of People/Items needed.  If you don’t enter a number for # of People/Items needed, the plugin will assume you meant to enter a 1 and fill that in for you when you save the tasks.  Other fields are optional.

For Multi-Day events, the main difference is that the date field at the top will be removed, and instead each Task/Item will have its own date field, for which you can pick only one date.

For Ongoing events, you will not see any date fields at all on the add/edit tasks page.  Everything else functions the same as above.

Details Needed – Originally, this field was set up for our own organization for staff lunches where people would sign up to bring something like a “main dish”, and we wanted them to specify the exact dish they were bringing to avoid duplicates by other volunteers. However, users of this plugin have found many other uses for this field, and options have been added to make it more flexible. When you check the “Details Needed” check box, a text field will open allowing you to specify the label that will be used for the text input field on the sign up form. There is an option on the main settings page to hide the details field from the public side, which makes it possible to use this field to collect additional info from your volunteer without it being publicly displayed. Version 2 also adds an additional check box for each task, that is shown when you check “Details Needed”, and that allows you to determine if the details field is required on the sign up form (default). You can un-check that option to make that input field not required to complete the sign-up, allowing you to collect optional extra info for the task/item.

Move tasks – This is a relatively new feature that allows you to move all tasks from the current sheet to another sheet (this is a function added by another contributor). Useful if you want to merge events from two sheets into one, or to “copy” tasks from an old sheet to a new sheet without simply using the copy function from the main sheets list. Please note that the tasks are MOVED (NOT copied) by simply reassigning the sheet id in the database table that stores the tasks, so once you do the move operation, you will lose all tasks in the current sheet.